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Water Supply

Elèctrica Pintó offers turnkey services in integrated water management, maintenance and execution of installation facilities.

The components of a water supply system consists of five parts:

  • Sourcing: it can be made from a spring, surface water or from underground wells or filter galleries.
  • Storage of dirty water: when the necessary water source has a sufficient volume to supply the necessary amount of water.
  • Treatment: treating water to make it potable can be very different depending on the quality of water to be treated.
  • Storage of treated water: serves to compensate for variations in the hourly consumption and the storage volume of strategic emergency situations.
  • Distribution network: it begins in the treated water tank and ends at the home user’s system. It consists of pumping stations, main and secondary pipes, valves, sensors, meters, etc.
Boiler and water supply works in Fonollosa
Capture and supply of water in the Swamp of St. Ponç
Installation link high network and remote control in the Pla de Bages
Millores gestió xarxa d'abastament d'aigua de Vacarisses
Improvements management of Vacarisses water supply network
Water pipes and high pumping in important urban centers such as Vallirana, St. Sadurní d’Anoia, Hostalets de Pierola, Ametlla del Vallès, Castellar del Vallès, La Garriga, Cervelló, Lliçà de Vall, Cervera.
Estació de captació i bombament d'aigua marítima pel Centre de Recuperaió de Fauna Marina (CRAM) al Prat de Llobregat
Marine water collection and pumping station by the Recovery Center for Marine Fauna (CRAM) in El Prat de Llobregat
Equipament, automatització i control dels pous de Can Moragas per abastament d'aigua a l'ETAP (estació de tractament d'aigua potable) d'Aigües Ter-Llobregat a Abrera
Equipment, automation and control of Can Moragas wells for water supply at the ETAP (drinking water treatment station) of Aigües Ter-Llobregat in Abrera

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