Elèctrica Pintó SL
Elèctrica Pintó SL

WWTP remodeling of Seva

Drinking Water and Wastewater / Chlorination systems / Water Supply / Switchboards and Automation / Remote Control Systems

Remodeling of the Fontanelles WWTP that supplies drinking water to the municipality of Seva itself.

Various actions have been taken, such as the improvement of the pre-treatment system in the coagulation and oxidation chamber, the renewal of the chemical treatment process, the improvement of the product storage and dosing system, the automation of the filters and, finally, the rehabilitation and structural adaptation of the decanter. Currently, the plant also has a remote control system that allows you to monitor and control the various processes remotely and in real time.

All these actions of improvement and automation will allow to increase the efficiency of the plant and to lower its cost of operation. It will also be possible to minimize the effective time that municipal operators have to dedicate to make adjustments manually and in person to the different processes of the plant with the consequent cost for the council. Stops at the Seva Stage will also be avoided due to the inability to carry out adequate treatment of the catchment water due to periods of drought and poor quality of the catchment water.

  • Pre-Treatment RoomPre-Treatment Room
  • Uptake inlet pipeUptake inlet pipe
  • Storage ReagentsStorage Reagents
  • Flint and Activated Carbon FiltersFlint and Activated Carbon Filters
  • Electrical Control PanelElectrical Control Panel
  • LaboratoryLaboratory