Elèctrica Pintó SL
Elèctrica Pintó SL

Off-grid photovoltaic installation of 2,2 kWp in Andorra

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Autonomous photovoltaic solar installation in combination with an existing generator for single-phase electricity supply at the refuge of Les Bordes dels Prats Nous, located near Arinsal in Andorra, at an altitude of 1,961 meters.

  • Arinsal Off-grid Photovoltaic (Andorra)Arinsal Off-grid Photovoltaic (Andorra)
  • Autonomous Installation 2.2 kWpic AndorraAutonomous Installation 2.2 kWpic Andorra
  • Autonomous Photovoltaics Arinsal (Andorra)Autonomous Photovoltaics Arinsal (Andorra)