Elèctrica Pintó SL
Elèctrica Pintó SL

ClorEP and Grundfos, organize a visit to the facilities of the Danish brand with different representatives of national companies

On April 26, 27 and 28, ClorEP accompanied different representatives of companies and national entities invited by Grundfos to visit the Danish brand facilities in the town of Frisholt; taking advantage of the synergies created between the two brands to enhance the dosing and disinfection division of the company Elèctrica Pintó.

On the same day of arrival, a reception and dinner was organized as an introduction. The following day, the presentation of Grundfos was carried out and a corporate video was passed. Next, they could meet different factories of the group (pumps type Grundfos CR, UP / ALPHA2, etc), visited the manufacturing plant of electronic and finally the center of distribution. All of this awoke us to the extraordinary potential of one of the most influential brands of pumps worldwide. We ended the day with the visit to the museum. In the afternoon, they enjoyed recreational activities and a dinner with Morten Bang Jørgensen, Global Product Manager Dosing / Disinfection.

Finally, the last day focused on the dosing and disinfection division, explaining each of their technologies and their products (electrochlorination facilities, chlorine dioxide, chlorine gas and dosage of reagents chemicals), with a visit to WaterWorks where the new BACMON sensor of BoHøjris was presented.

During every day they enjoyed an excellent treatment as well as a wide range of informative documents that made the trip an interesting and rewarding visit.

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