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Water Tanks Waterproofing

From Elèctrica Pintó we offer a total waterproofing service of drinking water tanks with a continuous coating without joints or solders. Thanks to the application of a high performance polyurea membrane and indicated for all types of supports, we achieve a waterproofing of unrivaled qualities and with a certificate of approved potability.
The process is carried out in situ applying a bicomponent membrane based on pure polyurea, solvent-free, by spraying with high pressure bi-mixer pump. In this way it is possible to create an elastic, resistant and continuous membrane. Prior to this process, the surface is cleaned and adapted by sandblasting and the application of a specific primer for each type of support. Thanks to its excellent adhesion, it can be applied on all types of surfaces: concrete, metals, etc. Finally, a minimum thickness of 2 mm of polyurea is applied by spraying and the short reaction time allows multiple vertical applications.



  • This type of waterproofing adapts to any geometrical shape of the support, without cracking, thanks to its high characteristics of resistance to traction and tear, this as to the high properties in the junction of cracks, antistatic as dynamic (even at low temperatures).
  • An immediate impermeability is achieved after 1 minute from the application and a waiting time for the use of the treated surface of 12 hours.
  • It can be treated up to 1500 m2 / day and thanks to its rapid drying can be passable pedestrian in a few minutes.
  • The absence of porosity of the membrane guarantees an excellent antibacterial behavior and facilitates its cleaning.
  • Before / After water tankBefore / After water tank
  • Waterproof drinking water tankWaterproof drinking water tank
  • Polyurea waterproofing processPolyurea waterproofing process
  • Polyurea application processPolyurea application process
  • Layers in the application of polyureaLayers in the application of polyurea
  • Polyurea membrane sectionPolyurea membrane section
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Waterproofing drinking water tank
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Waterproofing drinking water tank

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