Elèctrica Pintó SL
Elèctrica Pintó SL


Natural and quality light as if we were outside

Through a system designed to capture the light from outside, transport it through a super-reflective conduit and diffuse the light to illuminate an interior space, natural lighting is achieved as if we were outside, unmatched with any artificial lighting system.

It is possible to create comfortable workspaces with optimal lighting with natural light, which translates into a notable improvement in the quality of life and the work carried out.

Likewise, the system is prepared to have different devices such as an LED strip to provide light when there is no sun or at night, systems for regulating the light and modifying the color temperature of the diffused light.

Solatube System



Natural lighting systems use advanced optical technologies to channel natural light into the interior of the building, factory, warehouse, home… in a brilliant way.

From sunrise to sunset, daylight is captured by a proprietary dome and transferred through the most reflective tube in the world. The lens of the diffusers evenly disperses sunlight throughout the room, creating a pleasant space with diffused natural light.

Solatube achieves in the capture and transport of natural solar light with a reduced space, optimizing the option of implementing photovoltaic panels and thermal plates on their roofs, roofs together.

The natural sunlight captured and transported with the SOLATUBE system in the illuminated areas DOES NOT affect the interior temperature of industrial buildings, offices, houses, etc …

Thanks to natural light indoors, you will save on electricity consumption and minimize your environmental impact.


Natural lighting systems designed with passive technology

Solatube solar lighting systems use passive optical technology to significantly reduce costs and system maintenance.

Unlike Solatube tubular systems, other daylighting systems rely on moving parts to achieve optimal performance. But a multitude of factors can and will cause it to malfunction. Components break, switches stop working, and electrical components significantly reduce the effectiveness of the system. Active systems also do not perform well on cloudy days, making them virtually useless until the sun reappears.

This is why our patented Raybender® technology works optimally from any solar angle. As a result, it controls sunlight more effectively than systems with active sun tracking technology. The same goes for Spectralight Infinity Tubing systems. It has no moving parts and yet it transfers daylight more efficiently, offering better color reproduction than active systems, due to the nature of its composition.

The end result is a wide range of affordable, high-performance home and commercial daylighting solutions that provide the optimal amount of high-quality natural light, on both sunny and cloudy days, with virtually no startup or maintenance. We offer a wide selection of components, allowing customization to meet the specific lighting needs, ceiling conditions and aesthetics of any space. The Solatube tubular skylight offers the highest light transfer efficiency (LTE), the most consistent color temperature maintenance (CTM), and the best solar heat-light gain ratio of any daylighting system on the market.

The photometry and the exhaustive tests that have been carried out on Solatube products, offer the designer and the end user peace of mind and guarantee of a reliable and consistent natural lighting experience.

Solatube systems can be complemented with the LED device specific for sunlight ducts to provide light at night and/or in intervals of low sunlight.

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