Elèctrica Pintó SL
Elèctrica Pintó SL


Certified SONNEN batteries partner

Store the sun


Generate, store and consume your own energy


A system of photovoltaic self-consumption that will allow you to cover all or part of the energy needs of your home, reducing dependence on the electricity network.

SONNEN: World leader in intelligent accumulation systems

  • Technology of the battery: Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4).
  • Intelligent integration: Ready to connect, compatible with all photovoltaic and electric climate systems.
  • Modular capacity: 2kWh – 16kWh in 2kWh modules.
  • Intelligent management: Integrated battery management system (BMS). Total control of the self-consumption installation.
  • Durability: More than 10,000 loading / unloading cycles (> 27 years).
  • Output power: 1.5kW – 3.3kW
  • Components: The most important components in lithium batteries are the associated components. The NMC (Nickel-Magnesium-Cobalt) used in mobile telephony, computers and electric cars are more compact and lighter but offer less durability and are less safe than LiFePO4 (Phosphate-Ferrous)
  • Charging cycles: Manufacturers usually report on the capacity of the batteries but the most important are the number of cycles and the depth of discharge for which they were designed. These two factors combined are what define its durability, which makes SonnenBatterie the most competitive solution, if we consider the cost in € / load cycle.
  • Use solar energy 24 hours a day: Usually we are not at home during the hours of maximum solar production. If we store the energy generated by our photovoltaic system all day, we can enjoy it at night.
  • A new energy model: Based on renewable energies. We want to make it a reality, therefore, domestic photovoltaic generation and storage systems are the basis of success.
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  • Monitorització SONNENMonitorització SONNEN
  • Monitorització SONNENMonitorització SONNEN
  • Monitorització SONNENMonitorització SONNEN
5’5kW photovoltaic self-consumption with SONNENBATTERIE battery
Autoconsum fotovoltaic de 5'5kW amb bateria SONNENBATTERIE
5’5kW photovoltaic self-consumption with SONNENBATTERIE battery

Project of self-consumption photovoltaic solar installation of 5.5 kWp of …

5kW photovoltaic photovoltaic installation
Instal·lació d'autoconsum fotovoltaic amb bateria SONNEN
5kW photovoltaic photovoltaic installation

Solar photovoltaic installation project for self-consumption of 5 kWp of …

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