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Energy Efficiency

Increasing efficiency means improving our quality of life, allowing us to maintain or increase comfort with less energy consumption.

Energy certification has become in the coming years a fundamental tool of information for users about the energy consumption of buildings and homes, as well as an instrument of market efficiency when deciding to rent or buy a home and, therefore, a value. The sustainable use of energy resources is a major challenge because of the states, and since the buildings are a major consumer of energy, a future state policy priorities will be held in this sector.

Buildings Certification

Buildings consume about a third of total final energy in the European Union. In many countries, the majority of homes have no proper insulation. These figures give an idea of the potential energy savings that this sector in the long term if implemented efficiency measures and reducing consumption. The certification of energy efficiency of buildings directive 2010/31/UE defined by the European Union aimed specifically at reducing the consumption of new buildings until the buildings with almost zero energy consumption.

How much a building consume?

The research Análisis del consumo energético del sector residencial en España (Analysis of Energy consumption in the residential area in Spain) made by IDAE to know and analyze the consumption of more than 17 millions of Spanish homes, shows that the domestic area consumes the 17% of the sum final energy and 25% of the electricity. The heating is the most consumed service and the electrical appliances are the ones which require more electrical power. This research has analyzed globally the consumptions for usages, energy resources and domestic equipment features, in three climatic areas in the country. It has been promoted and financed (50%) by Eurostat, CE statistics agency, to design and systematize a methodology, and it has measured real time electrical consumption, including standby. The research has enabled determining that the isolated single family home doubles the consumption of a traditional home; the standby consumption is higher than refrigerator’s. The television is the second electrical appliance after the refrigerator regarding electrical consumption. The centralized heating and ACS services consume 22% less than the single ones, among other data available.

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