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Photovoltaic self-consumption, the path to energy self-sufficiency

We design and carry out photovoltaic self-consumption installations, whether they are large-scale industrial installations or domestic installations. Thanks to photovoltaic installations our customers become producers of their own energy that they consume and the rest is stored in batteries to have this surplus energy at times of low or no production or otherwise this surplus is injected directly on the net.

Want to have the Sun at your disposal?

Royal Decree 900/2015 regulates the construction and creates the Register of Photovoltaic Installations for Self-Consumption. Saving electricity using solar energy is already completely legal, and the procedure for achieving this is completely defined.

The increase in the cost of electricity that consumers have received in recent years and the decrease in the costs of photovoltaic installations have made possible the profitability of generation systems for self-consumption.

This type of renewable energy consists of generating electricity from photovoltaic panels connected to the building’s internal network for own consumption if there is demand, or it passes through the meter and is injected into the general electricity network.

If you have lithium ion batteries, the excess current that is not consumed is stored so that it can be disposed of during the night hours or when there is no photovoltaic production. In this way the user becomes a producer and consumer of energy at the same time.

Main advantages of photovoltaic self-consumption

  • Savings on your electricity bill and CO2
  • 100% clean energy, we use a renewable and non-polluting energy source
  • Energy self-sufficiency
  • Easy installation, expandable and low maintenance
  • Control and monitoring of production and consumption from PC or Smartphone
  • 25-year photovoltaic panel production performance

Request us for a quote or you can directly calculate your energy savings with solar calculator from Domini Ambiental, a company of the Aquacenter Group.

  • Autoconsum Fotovoltaic Conserves FerrerAutoconsum Fotovoltaic Conserves Ferrer
  • Autoconsum Fotovoltaic DomesticAutoconsum Fotovoltaic Domestic
  • Esquema Autoconsum IndustrialEsquema Autoconsum Industrial
  • Instal·lació d'Autoconsum IndustrialInstal·lació d'Autoconsum Industrial
  • Autoconsum Fotovoltaic TecnipulAutoconsum Fotovoltaic Tecnipul
  • Esquema Autoconsum DomèsticEsquema Autoconsum Domèstic
325kW PV installation at Conserves Ferrer
(Català) Instal·lació Fotovoltaica Conserves Ferrer
325kW PV installation at Conserves Ferrer

Industrial self-consumption photovoltaic installation project carried out at the company …

150kW Industrial Photovoltaic Installation
Fotovoltaica Autoconsum
150kW Industrial Photovoltaic Installation

The project of photovoltaic solar installation for self-consumption in TENCIPUL …

55 kW photovoltaic autoconsum installation
Autoconsum fotovoltaic 55 kW
55 kW photovoltaic autoconsum installation

Self-consumption solar photovoltaic installation project to supply electricity to all …

Photovoltaic Installation of Autoconsum of 1’6 kW
Fotovoltaica Autoconsum 1'6 kW
Photovoltaic Installation of Autoconsum of 1’6 kW

Photovoltaic Installation of Autoconsum of 1’6 kW at Aborçar.

4kW photovoltaic photovoltaic installation in Santpedor
Instal·lació fotovoltaica d'autoconsum de 4kW a Santpedor
4kW photovoltaic photovoltaic installation in Santpedor

Project for a 4kW self-consumption solar photovoltaic installation in the …

6kW Photovoltaic Self-Consumption Installation
Autoconsum Fotovoltaic 6 kW
6kW Photovoltaic Self-Consumption Installation

Installation of 6kW photovoltaic power consumption in a single-family house …

5’5kW photovoltaic self-consumption with SONNENBATTERIE battery
Autoconsum fotovoltaic de 5'5kW amb bateria SONNENBATTERIE
5’5kW photovoltaic self-consumption with SONNENBATTERIE battery

Project of self-consumption photovoltaic solar installation of 5.5 kWp of …

5kW photovoltaic photovoltaic installation
Instal·lació d'autoconsum fotovoltaic amb bateria SONNEN
5kW photovoltaic photovoltaic installation

Solar photovoltaic installation project for self-consumption of 5 kWp of …

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