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Elèctrica Pintó SL


Energy Audits

Electrical Pinto conducts energy audits and diagnostics, at the request of the customer or in those places where the frequency of incidents is significant.

An energy audit is a systematic process to obtain adequate knowledge of the existing energy consumption profile of a building or group of buildings, a facility or industrial or commercial operation or a public or private service, and to determine and quantify the potential energy savings to report thereon.

Process compares current energy scenario with a good scenario, in order to identify the distinctive features and make suggestions for improvement to reduce the consumption of feasible form.

The end result will be a report with findings and recommendations involving:

  • Process: through a detailed study of the processes, as well as the variables of operation (operating cycle, demand …), a relation between the operating system and associated consumption in search of greater energy efficiency.
  • Habits: a source of savings comes immediately to assess the personal habits of the company in relation to the use of machines, computers, air conditioning, etc.. Proposed corrective actions and habits assessed its impact on economic and environmental level.
  • Investments: we evaluated a number of investments and other assets that allow devices to obtain energy savings, determining the simple payback period of the investment.
  • Auditoria Eficiència EnergèticaAuditoria Eficiència Energètica

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