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Global solutions

The use of wells for the extraction of drinking water has become throughout history one of the main sources of water. A large number of wells are being operated around by Elèctrica Pintó.

Specialists in the field of water, we offer solutions and adapt them to the needs of each client. We install submersible pumps suitable for each of the technical features of each well, and the discharge pipe, valves, sensors, measuring devices and all electrical control and automated to control both manually and automatically, either “on site” or remotely via remote control.

Elèctrica Pintó provides full “turnkey” solutions.

Adaptation wells to St. Hilari Sacalm
Renewal of the well water treatment plant for mineral water bottling in the province of Girona
6 wells equipments in Malabo
Well facilities in Sant Quirze Safaja
Equipament de 4 pous a Guinea Equatorial
Equipment of 4 wells in Equatorial Guinea
Equipament de pous i grup de pressió per sistema de reg a l'Hospital de Sant Pau
Water well and pressure equipment for irrigation system at the Hospital de Sant Pau
Equipament de pou de 120 metres a Castellbell i el Vilar
Equipment of well of 120 meters in Castellbell and the Vilar
Equipament de pous profunds per a la captació d'aigua potable i aigua hiper-salina a Dubai i Hatta
Equipment of deep wells for the capture of potable water and hyper-saline water in Dubai and Hatta (UAE)
Equipament de pous per la barrera d'anti intrusió marina a la franja litorial del Prat de Llobregat i Barcelona
Equipamiento de pozos para la barrera de anti intrusión marina en la franja litorial del Prat de Llobregat y Barcelona…
The equipment of wells deep and large such as those of Olivella, Avinyonet, Aigües de Veri, Vallirana, Tordera, Castellar del Vallès, Ametlla de Mar, ski resort of Soldeu el Tarter, Aiguafreda, el Brull
Equipament, automatització i control dels pous de Can Moragas per abastament d'aigua a l'ETAP (estació de tractament d'aigua potable) d'Aigües Ter-Llobregat a Abrera
Equipment, automation and control of Can Moragas wells for water supply at the ETAP (drinking water treatment station) of Aigües Ter-Llobregat in Abrera

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