Elèctrica Pintó SL
Elèctrica Pintó SL


Pumping equipment

Pumping equipment able to take up to 380 m³ / h to a depth of 450 meters. Monitoring and control of water levels in the well and flow extraction electromagnetic flowmeter and pressure transducer.

Gauging wells , aimed at optimum operating out about are basic and further wells when recovering an old well.

We are also specialized in the installation of pumping equipment , submersible pumps, pipes , manifolds, automation , etc. . to evacuate water from the depth needed. Cleaning and recovery wells to larger inputs of water are also possible with HCI injection systems, compressed air and Venturi.

Procedure includes a graphical representation of the evolution decreases over time for several working flows . This representation is made both in semi logarithmic graphics, representing the values of the time in a logarithmic axis. This graph allows us to observe the behavior of the well due to water extraction . Another interesting graph that represents the relationship is specific volume – reduction. In this graph we can “read” the reductions achieved and their relationship.



To find the optimal operation of the well:

  • Installation and monitoring of capacity
  • Gauging results
  • Geological reports



To improve the performance of the well:

  • Injection of HCI
  • Cleaning with compressed air and Venturi
Aforament en pous a la Casa del Rei a Dubai
Capacity in wells at the Casa del Rey in Dubai

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